Over the last few weeks, we have been in the process of recording our 60’s concert with the RPO at Angel Studios. Apart from the thrill of having another of our concert programmes released, it is always a joy to work with the orchestra without quite the demands of a live concert, when all of us are clock watching throughout the rehearsal, as the 7.30pm concert deadline looms ever larger!  A studio recording however presents its own unique pressures and compliIMG_0001cations, not least the logistics of getting all four of us singers in the same studio at the same time. I am currently touring the UK with Jackie The Musical, and Abbie is touring the world with Ellie Goulding – (way more glamorous!).  It took some diary work to unite us as one, and once there, we had to work long hours to complete the task. 

Having performed this concert over the last two years or so, one would think we would know the orchestrations in clear detail. However, thrilling though it always is to stand in front of a large orchestra performing this material, it’s astonishing how mucIMG_0007h musical detail we never hear, given our position is often directly in front of the rhythm section. So to finally hear Richard’s orchestrations with such clarity in the studio is thrilling, and only increases the excitement of committing our performance to tape – or hard drive!

The first recording sessions involved the orchestra laying down their tracks, with Ali, Mary and I recording guide vocal tracks. Abbie was away for this session. I also had to record as many of my vocal tracks that day as I was back on show duty in Blackpool the following day. Ali and Mary did the same the next day, and two weeks later, all four of us spent ten hours working through all the bv’s, as well as Abbie having to catch us up with her solo tracks as well.

We are very nearly there. Just one or two minor details to add, and then Gary, our engineer will work his magic and all will be completed.  GB



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